Travel Guide: Maui, Hi


Hey guys, 

since my last blogpost was about Oahu I wanted to give you a little travel guide for Maui, too.

go watch my Maui Vlog first:

This blogpost is going to be a little shorter but I hope you also enjoy reading it and exploring the island with me.

I have to admit that I would choose Oahu over Maui because in my eyes there is less to do on Maui and it is a more touristic place. People actually say that they prefer Maui but I don’t know why. It is just my personal experience.

Maui has a completely different vegetation it is a dryer island. The beaches are also not comparable to the ones on Oahu. On Oahu you see more „white“ sand beaches – „red“ sand beaches are more common on Maui.

So here is a list of things to do on Maui:

  1. Haleakala Vulcano 

Haleakala Vulcano is located in the very center of the whole island. You should either decide to go in the morning (for sunrise) or before lunch time. This is very important because if you go later than 2pm you will be stuck in the clouds and you won’t be able to enjoy the breathtaking view from up there. So the drive is actually pretty long it takes you about 2h to get to the vulcano crater which marks the highest point of Haleakala (3055m). When you made your way up there are different spots to go to. But there are all very close to each other. What I found really fascinating about Haleakala was that the scenery changes so quickly. At the beginning you will see big green fields, trees, cows, horses – I must admit that it reminded me of the area around the Alps or the Allgäu.

But then when you go higher you only find little plants and dryer soil. And at least when you get closer to the crater there is a stony red soil were a plant can barely survive.

IMPORTANT: You should bring a sweater or a jacket because the temperature up there goes down to 5 degrees.

2. Road to Hanna: 

For this trip you need to invest a whole day. Since Maui is the 2nd biggest island in Hawaii you underestimate distance quickly. Anyway the trip is totally worth it! You find serval waterfalls and beautiful beaches on the way and what I totally loved was the end of the road when you drive through the crater landscape. I tell you this is going to be a wild experience you will never forget! You will see cows, goats and donkeys sitting next to the street or even crossing. So remember to drive carefully. What I also liked about this trip is that you get to see how simple the people on Hawaii live and grow up. And of course you should not forget to visit the Black sand beach (in Waianapanapa). If you want to enjoy this place with no other tourists you need to start the route very early because this beach is located on the end of the whole trip.

IMPORTANT: On the route there is a path which is unsettled. It can get very dangerous and edgy when you drive along the ocean so make sure you have good driving experience and a safe car. 

3. Surfing

Maui is actually most known for its surfing spots. Well in summer the waves are not so high but in the winter around January and February they get huge. So if you are looking for good surfing spots you should go to Maui. But even if you just want to try surfing for the first time Maui is a perfect option. There are many surfing companies around Kihei

4. Wailea Beach

Wailea beach is located right in front of the Four Seasons. Since we were staying at this hotel it was our main beach to go because it is right connected to the hotel. You can rent paddle boards, snorkel equipment and so on. If you are lucky you can see turtles!

5. Sunflower or lavender fields

There are a bunch of beautiful sunflower and lavender fields around the island. So make sure to check them out.

6. Paia 

Paia is a cute little town with nice boutiques. They have really sweet stuff and good restaurants. 
Make sure to check out Paia Bowls. Here I got the best acai bowl I’ve ever had!!

So these are my places to go – I am sure there is much more to explore on this large island but you are not able to see all of it in 5 days 🙂

In this case I say MAHALO for reading!




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