MY PLAYLIST – Get my current favorite songs


Hey loves,

since you guys asked me if I could share my playlist with you, I decided to create a blogpost about my current favorite songs.

Music is essential to me. I am constantly listening to music, no matter when or where – I just always need music around me.

For me, listening to music is the way to handle my feelings and emotions, to motivate and calm myself.

A random fact about me:

Whenever I find a song I really like (I don’t have a particular music genre I am listening to/ I just like or dislike a song when I first listen to it) I put it on endless loop and even put my earphones in when I go to bed – until I can’t hear the song anymore haha 😀

So enough blah blah here it is – my notoriously notorious playlist:

  1. Need somebody (by xuitcasecity)
  2. Blackbear (by idfc)
  3. Where is my love (SYML)
  4. All the pretty girls (Kaleo)
  5. Good old days (Macklemore feat. Kesha)
  6. Youth (by Daughter)
  7. Silence (by Marshmello feat. Khalid)
  8. Tired of Talking (Young Bombs Remix)
  9. Chateau (Angus & Julia Stone)
  10. Honest (The Chainsmokers)
  11. Lone (feat. JOY/ Slow Hours Remix)
  12. Under the same sun (Ben Howard)
  13. Touch the sky (Kayne West)
  14. Eazy – Wild Things (Young Bombs Remix)
  15. UAE (Jay Alvarrez)
  16. At my best (Machine Dun Kelly feat.Hailee Steinfield)
  17. You’re somebody else (Flora Cash)
  18. Lonely together (Avicii feat.Rita Ora)
  19. Heavy (Anne-Marie)
  20. Luminaries on grace (Nico Stable)





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