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My new hometown Florence – Looking for an apartment in the city of my dreams


Hello my loves, 

if you have been following my instagram and snapchat you may have recognized that I will start my studies in Florence this Oktober! I will study at Polimoda which is one of the leading and top 10 Fashion Schools in the world. I am so happy to finally tell you guys that I got accepted and I am going to move to Florence in the next months. Therefore I went to Florence last week again to have a look at different apartments. I totally fell in love with the first apartment I visited. This one was just so bright and I loved the huge windows. From the first second I just felt home. And this is the most important thing, right? So if everything works out I will move into this apartment in late September! Can’t wait to get some cute furniture. If you know any nice furniture stores let me know in the comments! I always need some inspiration! I will keep you updated on my instagram and of course you will get to know more about it when I start my vlogs!

On monday I am going to Berlin for the Fashion Week! I am super excited because this will be my first time at the Fashion Week in Berlin! I will start my first vlog this monday too! So make sure you follow me during my trip to Berlin and my next destinations (which will be South France, Los Angeles and Hawaii). If you have some vlog or youtube suggestions for me let me know!! I am looking forward to share my travels and experiences with you guys!

Here are some shots from Florence which I took with an awesome photographer over there! Can’t wait to create some more amazing work with this one when I move 🙂

14 Kommentare

  1. 2. Juli 2017 / 19:04

    Those pictures are so stunning! You are so beautiful and I love your style!
    I wish you a nice evening dear! 🙂

  2. 2. Juli 2017 / 19:23

    Wow, so viele schöne Bilder! Das rote Kleid steht dir wunderbar. Florenz muss wirklich eine tolle Stadt sein.

  3. 2. Juli 2017 / 20:41

    This is completely beautiful and inspiring! You are truly amazing! It’s so exciting that you are going to be in Berlin on Monday for Fashion Week and I can’t wait to see and hear more about it!!

  4. 2. Juli 2017 / 22:54

    These shots are just amazing! Florence looks so beautiful and so do you! What an exciting time for you with your new apartment 🙂

  5. 3. Juli 2017 / 0:10

    Omg my darling…. these picture are really stunning. U look so amazing and I wish you luck with finding an Appartement in ur dream town

  6. 3. Juli 2017 / 12:55

    Huge congrats on being enrolled to one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world and in one of the most beautiful cities in the world on top of that. I was in Florence for Pitti Uomo just a few weeks ago and every time I go there it’s like walking straight into a history book (and yes, I love history). The city is ever so beautiful and there’s so much to discover, despite the hoards of tourists everywhere. And oh, if you’re looking for a quick fix, there’s an IKEA right next to the airport. 🙂


  7. VALE
    3. Juli 2017 / 22:07

    Darling congrats for being accepted at Polimoda. I’m sure you will enjoy your time in Florence. It’s a magical city. I can’t wait to see your vlogs and videos about your next travels. Enjoy Berlin Fashion Week! Love, Valeria

  8. 4. Juli 2017 / 7:48

    Omg!! how exciting!!! I will also be studying in Florence the next few months!
    Rosita Chavez

  9. 7. Juli 2017 / 1:38

    You are so lucky to get to attend school in Florence; I can’t even imagine! Be sure to share plenty of pics while you’re there and pics at Berlin Fashion Week. Would you believe I’ve never been to any of the major fashion weeks? *cries*


  10. 8. Juli 2017 / 7:32

    How fun you get to move to Florence! All of these photos are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see more of your travels and fashion week!

  11. 9. Juli 2017 / 3:46

    Hello dear! Wow you are so lucky to be going to school in Florence! What a dream to learn in such a beautiful place! I’m so excited that you are going to fashion week! I can’t wait to see more from your beautiful journey.
    Love, Dom

  12. Jenny
    9. Juli 2017 / 17:08

    Wow so schöne Bilder?Ich drücke Dir die Daumen, dass es mit dem Studium so wird, wie Du es Dir vorstellst!

    Liebe Grüße



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