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Hello my loves!

I hope you are all doing well and you had an amazing summer break. Since I am finally back from London Fashion Week – which was for now one of my last trips, I gathered the time on a rainy sunday like this to write my Paris guide for you.

Of course I also filmed a Vlog. I hope you enjoy watching it!

As you guys might know from my Instagram, I spent a lovely week in Paris, three weeks ago. Paris is truly a magic city. No matter which street you cross, you will always find a beautiful atmosphere and all the buildings look just incredible.

I’ve been to Paris before but I think I have never had the chance and time to explore all of the different parts of the city. The trip was organized by an agency, therefore we got to stay in different hotels spread all over Paris. Even though we had to change our hotel every morning and it was a little hectic sometimes, I must say that I actually really enjoyed it. We got to see so many different city parts and with every Arrondissement there comes an unique flair. So if you need some advice on hotels in Paris, below you will find the amazing hotels we stayed at.

  1. Hôtel Monte Christo (20-22 Rue Pascal, 75005 Paris, France)
  2. LAZ Hotel (17 Rue de Milan, 75009 Paris, France) 
  3. Hôtel Eiffel Blomet (78 Rue Blomet, 75015 Paris, France)
  4. Le Belleval (16 Rue de la Pépinière, 75008 Paris, France)
  5. Hôtel des Grands Boulevards (17 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris, France)


The Monte Christo was a really cute little boutique hotel located in the 5th. I really loved the interior. The hotel is designed in blue and red tones, perfectly matching the dark wood. Everything looks quite antique, but in a modern way. The hotel also has a cute little SPA to relax after a busy day spent in the city.


This was actually my favorite hotel in Paris! I loved the modern and clean interior so much. Our room was so spacious (which you barely find in Paris – every other hotel is quite small) and we had the cutest balcony with view to the Sacré Coeur. You should definitely check out this place!


The Eiffel Blomet was located in a really cute area with lots of markets around (15th Arrondissement). The design reminded me of the 50s and everything was really old-school. If you enter the place you really feel like traveling into the past. Our little balcony on the roof was also adorable.


The Belleval is a really cutely designed hotel. It’s such a colorful place and I loved the bar. Located in the 8th, it is also quite central and the Louvre and the Madleine are in walking distance.


I think pictures say more than thousand words. Literally this hotel was incredible. You feel like you are entering the 20s and the interior of this place is just adorable. I would say velvet overload and what surprised me the most was the well paid attention to all the details. Another plus is also that the hotel is located in the 2nd Arrondissement, which is probably the most central area in Paris. If you have ever been to LA, you could compare the GRANDS BOULEVARDS to the BEVERLY HILLS or BEL AIR. We both were absolutely amazed by this place! So how do you say… the best comes for last!

Of course I couldn’t end my blogpost without any good food and restaurant tips.

Restaurant and Café Guide

  1. Pink Mamma (20bis Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris, France)
  2. Café Marly (93 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France)
  3. Braun Notes Café (31-33 Rue de Mogador, 75009 Paris, France)
  4. Peonies (81 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris, France)
  5. Café Kitsuné (Jardin du Palais Royal, 51 Galerie de Montpensier, 75001 Paris,France)
  6. Café Berry  (10 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France)
  7. Kozy (79 Avenue Bosquet, 75007 Paris, France)
  8. Café Paulette (155 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France)
  9. Buddha Bar (8-12 Rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75008 Paris, France)
  10. Café Foufou (10 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France)

Since we actually travelled to Paris to shoot my collection, I will also show you some of the shots we took.

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It was also so lovely to meet @margeaux_leo and the best photographers @bisousparis and @victoria.kolotova

A bientôt!



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