Heaven is not far away – La Chèvre d’or Èze Village


Hey guys!

This is going to be my first blogpost in English! I decided to start writing some of my blogposts in English because of the high request and I want all of you to be part of my journeys. I will move to Florence soon and then I will start to write in English anyway. So here we go!

I spent the last few days in South of France to visit the Filmfestival in Cannes and having a little family vacation. The Hotel I was staying at is called “La chèvre d’or”. It is not directly in Cannes but close to it. The place where the Hotel is located is called Èze Village, and literally one of the most beautiful destinations I have ever been to (and I am traveling quite a lot)! It is a calm area up in the hills and you have the most amazing view over Cap Ferrat from there. Since you are basically above the clouds it feels like you’re in heaven! But besides the wonderful view, there are many rose gardens with beautiful statues, antique fountains and little waterfalls. The terrace of the Hotel which is connected to all of the hotel rooms marks the highest point. From there you can go down the stairs to the pools, another restaurant and different sunbathing areas with big sunbeds. Also the food is delicious and the rooms are truly breathtaking.

This place is the definition of beauty itself. It shows all of what mother nature does offer us. While I don’t stop looking at the sea – time seems to pass by so slowly – no stress, no hurry. I think there is nothing left to say. Just look at the pictures and you’ll understand why this place is one or maybe even THE most peaceful place in the world for me. If you stay somewhere else in South of France and just want to visit this place for day trip, it’s definitely possible too. But make sure you’ll at least have a drink at the terrace of the Hotel because you really don’t want to miss this experience!



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