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Hey my loves,

finally I am back in Munich after the summer travels through Italy and I am so excited to share all my new Florence tips with you!!

In today’s blogpost you will find an amazing free Florence Guide to download. Florence is my 2nd hometown, aka the beautiful city I studied in. This summer I visited Florence for a few days of work/ vacation and I stayed at my favorite Hotel – the Il Salviatino. I really adore this hotel, because it is about a 15min drive outside of Florence, in an area called Fiesole. Through experience, the city center can be really busy (basically all year long – but the busiest during summer of course). I love the calmness up in the hills of Florence and the Il Salviatino also has the most beautiful view of Florence! You need to make sure to check it out when you’re around!

Maybe you can still remember that I already collaborated with the Il Salviatino already one year ago. Last year it was only my bf and I but this year we planned a trip with our aussie friends Amanda (@amandacampeanu) and Alistair (@alistairjmes). Since it was their first time in Europe, I was really excited to show them all the beauty Italy and Germany has to offer.

As a team of photographers & videographers we packed all our equipment to create amazing content during our travels and I am really excited to share these amazing photos with you!!

But before I spam you with all my photos, I wanted to give you some advice, in case you are planning a trip to Florence.

Here you can download my free Florence PDF Guide:


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