Fairy tales are real – you only have to let them happen.

Hey babes!

I hope you are all doing great and autumn has pleased you with a couple of sunny days before the winter arrives. 

Some people say, autumn is the season of change. 

As the seasons change, the energy of our surroundings change. What fulfills you in the winter is not going to energize you in the summer. Just as what you desire in the spring will not humble you in the fall. 

Change is important. 

It keeps us alive and present.

In nature, fall is a time of death and rebirth. It’s a time to look inside yourself and reflect on where you are and where you want to be. It’s a time of focus.

I found this little introduction here quite helpful to start off with my blogpost. 

This post is going to be very personal and I wasn’t quite sure if I should share such a deep insight into my private life with you. But I figured that it might be helpful and hopefully inspiring to all of you. 

I am telling you my very own fairytale. A love story which is written by a kiwi guy and a german girl. Cultures couldn’t be more different and the distance couldn’t be bigger. I am opening a book that includes miracles but also hits reality. 

After all, it will show you, that anything is possible, if you just believe in it. 

First of all. Yes, it’s true. I move to Australia. 

It will be a really new experience with for sure many ups and downs but I know that everything happens for a reason. And the reason why I am moving to Australia is; I am following my heart to the other side of the world. 

Ever since I can think, people tried to tell me that you need to become someone in life. You have to finish school and then straight go to university so you will have a degree to get a well-paid job and hopefully earn much money one day. 

I never agreed on this stereotyped life. It has never been my intention to study something so you become “someone“ in the future, who literally only works for the money and status. I have always been a free spirit and never let people tell me what to do or what’s best to do. Of course, I listen to them but after all, I build my own opinion. 

I think life is not about who you become regarding status or money. Life is about who you become as an individual. 

Despite, I do not deny that studying is important. I know it is and I am sure that I will study one day, too. But what I am trying to tell you is, that if you want to find yourself, it is important to try different ways of living. No one can know which way is right or wrong. Everyone needs to experience it on it’s own. 

But never forget to ask yourself, if you aren’t happy with the life you are living; What are my priorities in life? What do I want to achieve in the end? Would I choose stress and burn outs over happiness and fulfillment?

I am sure you know what to choose. 

But it’s time to tell you my story now. 

After my graduation, I took one year off to travel. I went to Australia with a friend, to travel around. We had so much fun and Australia was probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. So peaceful, calm and unique. However, we arrived in Brisbane for just a one night stop over and I had no idea, that this day would change my entire life. My friend and me were starving, so we went into a restaurant in the city centre. 

And here everything began. The love story of a kiwi waiter Harry and a german girl Theresa. 

It was love on first sight (I never really believed in it, but now I know, IT DOES!). 

We exchanged Facebook to stay in contact because only one week later my friend and I were about to return to Brisbane for 2 more days. 

Finally, after sending tons of messages, we were back in Brisbane. Harry and me got the chance to meet again and we were both sure, this was something special. We connected in the first moment. We shared our perspective in life and agreed on what’s most important. 

Our conversations were pretty deep from the start. We are both big believers. 

But it was already time to say goodbye because my travel buddy and me had our trip booked to Byron Bay. 

During the whole bus ride we texted, talked and so on. We didn’t know what would happen but still, we were sure that it won’t be long until we see each other again.

My trip continued and lastly, I arrived in Sydney from where I was about to fly back to Germany. The night I arrived Harry asked me if I want to spend Christmas and New Years with him and his family. I was so excited and directly changed my flight. One week later I was reunited with him. Back in Brisbane, I got to know his beautiful and welcoming family, which I took directly into my heart. We spend an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve together and made lot’s of memories, we would never forget. 

Time flew and 2 weeks later it was time for me to fly back to Germany. 

For both of us it was really heartbreaking because we had no plan what the future would hold for us. He wanted to go back to New Zealand to study and I was already accepted at fashion school in Italy. We really wanted to make it work because we knew that we found the “ONE“. However time zones and bad reception made the long distance really frustrating and difficult. Both of us knew that we had to focus on our future and we needed to be in the place where we started our new lives. 

Still, we tried to be in contact as much as we could but it was never easy. When I woke up and had to start my day, he was just about to go to bed and the other way round. 

A couple of months passed. I started my studies in Florence and Harry moved back to New Zealand. We both knew that we were special and whoever would come, it wouldn’t be the same. But both of us had to do what we had to do. Living life how people expect it from us. 

Christmas was coming soon again and we were barely speaking anymore. I always thought of him and so did he. We just knew, that as soon as we would reach out to the other person, we would get all fragile and hurting again. 

A couple of  months passed by and I figured out that the studies I started in Florence weren’t fulfilling me and it wasn’t where I wanted to be. It was a really difficult decision to make, but I know now that it was the right one and I wouldn’t do it different if I could go back. When I was just about to move back to Germany, I felt the need to talk to Harry so I contacted him again. By that time I was actually in Milan with a good friend and suddenly he called me. After so many months I could hear his voice again. It was such a relieve and talking to him immediately put a big smile on my face. We were catching up on everything and our emotions were not to tame. We both missed each other so much. It was pain on another level and no day could pass without thinking of each other. 

And then, suddenly, Harry said; I will come to Germany for you. This was probably the happiest moment ever. Finally, my heart could breath again. I was going to see my soulmate after 1 1/2 years!

Before Harry could move, he had to work and save some money to come over. Another 3 Months passed and I could finally hold him in my arms again. From that moment on, we both knew that we will never let go of each other again. 

Over the summer we travelled through Europe together and I got to show him where I grew up. We where talking about the future and where we want to be one day. Both of us lost our hearts in Australia and we know that we want to start building there. It wasn’t a easy decision for me because my whole family lives in Germany, but I never really felt home in Munich. I am just such a beach person and I love the lifestyle in Australia! Btw if you haven’t had the chance to visit Australia yet, get your bucket list and put it on top! 🙂

After Harry and I spent 4 amazing months together – you must know that we only lived together for 2 weeks until he came to Germany, so we didn’t really know each other – he left back to Brisbane to start working and saving. 

Probably, I will move to Brisbane by mid to late December and we are both so excited to find a flat and finally be together! After two years of ups and downs we are so ready to bulid a life in the place where everything started!!

None of us knows where the journey takes us. But we can’t picture our life without each other. We want to make the most of our present and create a future, that is evolving around love, happiness and fulfillment. You never know what happens tomorrow, that’s why you need to invest into the present. 

*I will start doing some vlogs about my preparations for my move, so I’d be happy to take you with me on my journey 


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