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MY PLAYLIST – Get my current favorite songs

MY PLAYLIST – Get my current favorite songs

Hey loves,

since you guys asked me if I could share my playlist with you, I decided to create a blogpost about my current favorite songs.

Music is essential to me. I am constantly listening to music, no matter when or where – I just always need music around me.

For me, listening to music is the way to handle my feelings and emotions, to motivate and calm myself.

A random fact about me:

Whenever I find a song I really like (I don’t have a particular music genre I am listening to/ I just like or dislike a...

CLUESO – Das erste Konzert und warum mich dieser Typ inspiriert

Hallo meine Lieben,

gestern war ich auf meinem ersten Konzert von einem meiner Lieblingskünstler – CLUESO. Schon seit Jahren höre ich mit großer Begeisterung seine...

About me

Hey guys, my name is Theresa and I am 20 years old. On my unique blog you can find all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Another passion of me is traveling and I would love to share all my experiences with you! So get up and be part of my journey! xx, TheBlondish

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