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Hello my loves, 

if you follow my journeys on Instagram you might know that I spend some time in Bali a couple of weeks ago. Since Bali is one of the top travel-to places atm, I thought I’d give you some tips for your vacation in Bali. Back home now I gathered some free time to write this BALI GUIDE – INSTAGRAMMABLE PLACES blogpost for you. 

So fasten your seatbelt because I will take you on a plane to this amazing island now!

I travelled with my lovely Michaela from @foxytrash and it was such a great vacation! I always enjoy traveling with her because we are very much the same 🙂 Also regarding the pictures we have a very similar taste so it always makes so much fun!! She is the one who took all the pictures and I think I don’t have to tell you how amazing they are!! Can’t wait for our next exciting trip babe <3

Our journey started in Seminyak, where we spend the first two nights, then we drove over to Canggu for another night, then Kuta for one night and our last destination was Ubud. We spend 6 days in Bali which was in my opinion too short – next time I would do 2 weeks 🙂

Since I have never been to Indonesia before, this was quite a new experience for me. But Bali has always been on my travel-bucket list and I must say that this place is incredible. 

Even though I expected it to be so different from what it actually was. I mean you always see all these rich green rice fields and monstrous waterfalls. Nature wise I would say that all the images you might see on social media do correspond with reality. 

But there is something I did not expect. 

From all the impressions you get online,  you miss one important point.

Bali is really touristic. Well, I need to admit that it was not to bad during the period we went (we traveled around the Island from the 3rd to the 10th of April). But I don’t mean the crowdiness at all. I am talking about the way you approach and experience nature on the island. So basically whenever you stumble upon a Bali picture on instagram (let it be one with the high swings) you think – wow this is really paradise, a swing in the middle of the forrest?! So here is the thing, it is actually a place (similar to an adventure park)  where you pay for the entrance and then there are guides who help you get on that swing and you are wearing a security belt. Standing in a line and waiting for your turn. I know it sounds not that romantic as the pictures always look but still I need to say that going there is still really special. Also if you go and visit a waterfall it will be like this. You will need to pay an entrance fee (maybe if you visit a non touristic one it will be different) and then there are different set ups where you can take pictures. Honestly speaking, I must say that Bali is quite a place for bloggers and photographers. There are so many different places you can visit and explore – and you’ll always know that the places are really „instagram-friendly“. 

Speaking of instagramable places, you all probably have already seen the one or the other perfect coffee shop in Bali. 

Here I list you some of my must-visits and most beautiful coffee shops/restaurants. 

Where to eat?


NALU BOWLS (Seminyak)

SHELTER (Seminyak)

SEA CIRCUS (Seminyak)




THE LOFT (Canggu)

THE LAWN (Canggu)



MAD POPS BALI (Denpasar)

FOLK (Ubud)

SAGE (Ubud)




Of course, not only the food is insanely delicious but also the beaches are absolutely worth a visit. 

The best beach clubs

SUNDAYS BEACH CLUB (Uluwatu) Entrance fee around 20euro

THE SUNDAYS BEACH CLUB  is based in the Ungasan Clifftop Resort in the Uluwatu region. When you arrive at the Ungasan you just need to walk down until you reach an open elevator which will take you down to the beach club. Already this ride is really special because you will be able to enjoy an amazing view from up there. I would recommend a day trip to Uluwatu and you could combine the beach club with the Nyang Nyang Beach or The edge. 

THE EDGE (Uluwatu) Entrance fee around 20euro

Let’s come to one of my favorite places in Bali – THE EDGE. The edge is actually an hotel, also based in Uluwatu. You might have already seen some pictures of the amazing infinity pool which is fully made of glas. This place is truly paradise for all drone-shot lovers. But not only the pool looks great, the whole resort is amazing! You should definitly check it out!!

MRS SIPPY (Seminyak)

This beach club is more for all the Ibiza lovers and party animals. At MRS SIPPY they have very good DJ’s and throw big pool parties. Check their website for upcomming events and parties. 

LA BRISA (Canggu) no entrance fee

The last beach club I am introducing you is perfect for a romantic sunset and evening trip. LA BRISA is a cute and quite big beach club based in Canggu. Lovingly decorated with light chains, maritim elements such as sunbeds looking like little fishermens boats and cozy hammocks, this beach club is opening up a different flair of the balinese lifestyle. Sitting on compfy pillows or swinging in a rocking chair with sea view, you can enjoy your delicious food. What a dreamy place!

Besides all the beautiful beaches and beach clubs, Bali has much more to offer. So let’s come to my must-do’s in Bali!

What to explore

BALI SWING (close to Ubud) Entrance fee

Earlier in this blogpost I already told you a little about what to expect when you are looking for one of these „insta-famous“ swings in Bali. The one we went to was the BALI SWING. We went there because it was the closest we could find. Also we wanted to have the birds nests as well and they had them too. So here I show you some of the fantastic pictures we shoot there. If you want to get a more realistic view on the experience go and watch my Bali vlog 🙂

If your hotel is based somewhere else there are also there two options for your swing experience.



TEGENUNGAN WATERFALL (close to Ubud) Entrance fee less than 1 Euro

Of course visiting one of Bali’s breathtaking waterfalls is a must-do. We went to see the TEGENUNGAN WATERFALL since this one was quite close to our hotel as well. When you make your way down to the waterfall – actually there are two waterfalls, one little and the big one – do remember to pack sunscreen and water, because the walk down there can be a little exhausting. Not because of the distance but because of the huge steps and the humidity you will struggle with. Even though the time we went was maybe not the hottest period but still, sometimes we were struggling a lot with the heat and especially with the humidity. Most of the pictures we took at the small waterfall because there where less people. Down at the big waterfall (of course more impressing than the small one) there was a huge line of people – all waiting to take some pictures on that special one spot where you had the whole waterfall in the background. We just didn’t have the muse to wait in line just for that one picture and I think the small waterfall looks cute as well. 

When you walk down to the Tegenungan waterfall you can cross the river and come to a spot in front of the waterfall where they put a huge swing. Of course, to get up on the swing you will have to pay (not much maybe 2Euro), but I must say it is worth it. Looks like swinging into paradise 🙂


Actually we were planning to visit the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE RICE TERRACE but our driver took us to a closer one which was the TEGALALANG RICE TERRACE. The walk up to the Terraces is very touristic again and there are many tourist shops. Well, actually I really liked these little shops because I love and collect dream catcher, so of course I bought one 😀 When you arrive at the Terrace you will have a little walk down and cross a bridge to come to the other side where you can actually see the rice fields. They also had a swing of course. I really enjoyed this place but I am sure that there are for sure bigger and prettier rice terraces in Bali. 


People say that these rice terraces are really crowded and full of tourists. Though I found some pictures on instagram and the place looks incredible. Maybe if you go early in the morning you will avoid the crowds. Next time I wanna go there for sure!


LA LAGUNA (between Seminyak and Canggu)

LA LAGUNA is a little hippie place between Seminyak and Canggu. There you can find colored indie houses and a very unique spirit. 


The ABANNDONED AIRCRAFT was actually one of my most important places to visit on Bali – but since we only had 6 days it was really difficult to do all I wanted to see. But this is definitly on my to-do-list for the next Bali trip. 




Another place we missed was PURA LEMPUYANG. This is probably one of the most beautiful temples on Bali. You might have already seen this „Gate to heaven“ on a picture before. It looks insanely beautiful. But since this place is quite far from Ubud and the other places we stayed, we decided not to go because we didn’t want to waste hours and hours in the car. If you plan to stay longer on Bali you I highly recommend you guys going there. 

TANAH LOT (close to Seminyak)





The GILI ISLANDS are about 45 minutes and NUSA LEMONGAN about 30 minutes from the main habour Sanur. I would only recommend visiting one of the islands for a minimum stay of 2 nights. You can book a 2 or more days trip online.

NUSA PENIDA cost about 30 Euros for a roundtrip ticket

Only a 20 minutes drive from Sanur will take you to the amazing NUSA PENIDA. NUSA PENIDA is the biggest of the three Nusa islands just off from the mainland Bali. This is probably one of the most famous places on earth – well for instagramer 😉 The T-Rex shaped 

This is the only island I would recommend for a day trip even though spending a couple of days might be even better. Since the island is quite big it can take a little time to go from one destination to another. You can can easily book a whole tour (including pickup in the morning, transport to sanur, the boat roundtrip and a private driver on Nusa Penida) on the streets of Seminyak or Canguu (I guess also all the other towns). If you book all these services with the pickup and private driver you pay around 60 Euros – which is quite a good deal.

We actually already booked out tour to Nusa Penida (well we just had to pay 10 Euro in advance) but unfortunately we were not in the condition to do the trip because of a sleepless night in our villa. To clear this up, we just arrived in Canggu on the day we booked the tour and we did not know that our „villa“ was a disaster. We booked the Kawung villa over and we were truly shocked when we arrived. The villa was dirty, almost fell into pieces and there was mold in one of the bedrooms. The other bedrooms were also without air condition and we could’t even breath in there. The bathrooms were full of insects – we even found a very poisonous worm. In the kitchen we found rotten food from the last guest. Having a huge villa with three bedrooms we were ending up sleeping, well maybe resting on the couch in the living room which was the only room with air condition. Since we couldn’t close an eye the whole night we cancelled our trip to Nusa Penida unfortunately. The next day we were straight checking out and on the hunt to find a new hotel. But guys I tell you – next time I will make it to this magical place 🙂

As you see I could sit here for ages and tell you about all the different and beautiful places on Bali. But I think these are the most important places you need to know. 

Here are just some advices you might find helpful. 

Regarding the accomodation I would rather suggest you booking an hotel instead one of the well promoted villas. Since we had a very bad experience with the second villa we booked in Canggu, I need to say that the pictures look quite often more flattering than the reality. And if you have bad luck like we had with the Kawung villa, you won’t have a good feeling and maybe not enjoy your stay as much as you should. Since the villa was quite expensive too and had a good rating on we could not rely on these aspects. The first villa, however, was quite nice and clean. It was the i-Villa in Seminyak. This one was actually less expensive and the staff was quite friendly. So if you know any friends who stayed in one of the villas in Bali, just ask them if they have a personal recommondation – otherwise I would book an hotel (they are sometimes even less expensive and you will be on the safe page). In Ubud we stayed at the Kamandalu Resort which was really beautiful! They were a little trying regarding being cooperative with bloggers but still I can highly recommend you this place.  

IVILLA (Seminyak) 

The Stones Hotel Legian (Kuta)



If you are asking yourself how to get around the island, I would always book a driver for the day. They will take you from place to place and always wait for you while you are exploring the destinations. You will pay around 35 Euros a day – which is really cheap. Also we had really kind drivers and you can really rely on them. Another option would be UBER or GRAB. We once tried UBER but this was a bad experience. The driver wanted to have more money than the UBER price was and he drove so aggressive haha. I also didn’t expect so much traffic on Bali – sometimes we were stuck in the traffic for 2h and this was really sad because we literally lost a lot of time. So always count in the traffic. 

All in all, Bali was a really nice experience and I will definitly go back again. But next time for sure for a much longer period because 6 days where really short and we had not really much time to chill and just rest. Also I found the balinese culture really inspiring. Their believes are really positive. This is reflected in the natives behavior and how they act. I do believe in KARMA – the force produced by a person’s life that influences what happens to them in the future. So only spread good vibes and only good things will seek you. Life would be so much easier if all of us thought like that 😀 

Bali has so much to offer!! Let me know if you have already been to Bali and if you have any other places you must see on this varied Island! Share with me your experiences! And if you haven’t been yet make sure to book your ticket soon 😀

much love!


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