A hotel above the clouds – The Il Salviatino Florence


Hey lovelies,

I hope you are all doing great! Sorry for not being so active on my blog lately – but I have been quite sick the last weeks. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the rest of our Italy tour – but I am glad that we had the chance to go back to Florence once again. As you might know, I stated studying there but decided not to continue my path in Italy because my life plans changed a little bit. I am about to post a more detailed life update soon, so you guys are back on track 🙂

Anyway, this blogpost is going to be about beautiful Florence! Since I lived in this city for half a year, I know many good places to visit. But now I will reveal my secret place to stay in Florence:

The breathtaking Il SALVIATINO!

The Il Salviatino is located a little bit outside the city center – an area called Fiesole. This place is truly amazing. You will get the most amazing view over the whole city and you can see the famous Duomo towering in the distance. It is probably one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to. The huge terrace, covered with colorful flowers, offers a great space to relax and enjoy a wine in the evening. If you look up you will see the majestic hotel – which is an old florentine villa surrounded by a lot of green.

Summers in Florence can be quite hot, so if you ever need a cool-down just walk down to the pool! The restaurant on the terrace is a culinary explosion. Dining with a view is guaranteed!

Luckily we got even one of the most beautiful rooms with duomo view!! The interior and wallpaintings differ from room to room. There is something charming and breathtaking about every suite!!

The hotel is indescribable beautiful so I guess the best way to give you a little impression, are the pictures. So have a look and enjoy the beauty of Florence!

Lots of love,





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